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Document List: eRS Training


Welcome to the central hub for training for the Electronic Research Services (ERS) tool suite.

Available training includes…

Effort Reporting PowerPoint 2017
What is effort reporting?
eRS Contract Submission Guidelines
Using Collaboration Tools in eRS

Electronic Conflict of Interest
Instructions on submitting a Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Effort Report
How to Access and Review eEffort Reports as Business Manager
Instructions to access eRS Electronic Effort Reports 2012
How to Access and Review e-Effort Reports for Chairs and Directors 2012(PDF)
Instructions to access eRS Electronic 2012 Effort Reports
How to View Effort Report Training, Sign and Submit -February 2014
Manual Effort Report How-To 8252015
How to create a Manual Effort Report in eRS

eFund/Budget Request
eFund/Budget Request Instruction Manual
Instruction manual for the PI, Proxy and Business Manager roles to create a fund request, budget request or budget revision.

Internal Transmittal
Department Approval for Internal Grants (PRF)
Internal Proposal Transmittal Instructions for PI

eRS Manual Version 8.1 May 2014
Electronic Research Services training manual, 2014 V8.1. Includes instruction on creating new Transmittal, Clinical Trial and Related document forms.
Quick Reference Log On Instruction Guide
Quick step by step log in instructions for Electronic Research Services (eRS) application.

Related Documents
Related Document Category: Required Documentation
Required documentation by Related Document Category type.
Related Document Instructions - Admin Group Review
Admin Group review instructions
Related Document Instructions; Chair Review/Approval
Instructions for Admin Review/Approval of Related Documents

Sample Proposals
NIH Proposal Example
Sample of information requested by ORD&S

Transmittal Form
Instructions for Chairs and Deans (PDF)
Instructions for Chairs and Deans/Directors on Approving Grant Proposal Submissions using eRS

ERS Updates June 2013
ERS Improvements; June 20, 2013
NIH Application Checklist
NIH Application Checklist

Need Help? Call the Office of Research Services Administration 314-977-2241.

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