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eRS Login

  • Please logon using your SLUNet ID and password. If you don't have a SLU network account, please call ITS 977-4000.
  • After login, please select a role to continue to your dashboard
  • To change or recover your password, please go to: password.slu.edu
SLU Net ID  
Password (case-sensitive)

eRS Login Problems and Solutions

  1. Password Failed - Please test your password in the Password Management Portal (password.slu.edu).
  2. If your password fails this test, contact the ITS help desk - helpdesk@slu.edu to have your password reset.

  3. If your current password passes the Password Management Portal test, please contact ersadmin@slu.edu.
  4. If you do not have an assigned role, please contact ersadmin@slu.edu to request an eRS account.


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